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My wife and I have an understanding when it comes to my business trips to Europe. Basically the rule is that what happens in Europe stays in Europe. Except of course the stuff that makes it into my blog posts. I do write about London escorts and other agencies in Europe for a living after all.

My wife is still very beautiful to me. She gave me three wonderful kids and she took care of them while I took care of business. She gets to drive the cars she wants, she lives in the neighborhood she wants to live in and she enjoys us going on expensive trips all over the world. While I still find my wife very attractive, she doesn’t feel the same way about herself. So she doesn’t perform in the bedroom in the same manner that allowed us three wonderful kids.

I am not sure if it is guilt or if my wife generally feels as if she wants me to also have “it all” when it comes to life’s creature comforts. Either way, she doesn’t mind if I spend a little of our money on escorts while I’m away on business. For me it is wonderful because I get to see views like the one above. That is a damn nice view of a fine coed’s ass in frilly panties!

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