escort_52832_pic-1sDMeena is an independent escort out of Bangkok, Thailand. She enjoys traveling, dancing, intimate dates and sensual nights with men from all over the world. Meena got into escorting when a fellow flight attendant friend of hers tipped her off to the exciting nights she was having with well to do clients on her days off. Always looking for an fun time, Meena jumped at the chance to explore this new career. Now she is never looking back!

You can book this cute hottie for a duo with one of her many friends including Amy, Jen and Bae. Just ask and she will provide you with pictures. Meena is a sensual escort so her activities include everything you can think of except things like domination and other forceful activities.

Rates include transportation in Bangkok, but extra fees apply if traveling to nearby cities. Spend 12 hours with this beautiful independent escort for just $375 or make it three whole days for only $1063!

As you can see Thai escorts are much more affordable than their USA counterparts!

Email [email protected] to begin your booking.